My Own Ironman

Mi Propio Ironman


OCTOBER 10, 00:01 - 23:59

 OCTUBRE 10, 00:01 - 23:59

For me, for them, for us!


Para mi, para ellos, por nosotros!


Triathlon racing is like a drug to me; it gives me a boost to keep pushing. During the lockdown I was still motivated to do whatever I could do to stay in shape and to focus on my aim: Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. But when I started to realize that more and more races would be cancelled, my aim seemed to be further and further away, and my mind started to struggle. I wanted to continue working hard because I knew it would be for the future and I didn’t want to lose what I’ve been working so hard for in the last months.

That’s when I decided to do my own Ironman Lanzarote at the original date of the Hawaii Ironman World Champs on 10 October 2020. But I felt I needed some external pressure and support, something that would really drive me to do this…

Paul and Kris of Swim Lab International see me working hard every day, and so are they. What they do for disabled children is just amazing. They knew I had a motivational struggle, so we had a chat about my aim… and 1 + 1 became 3…

To me, Centro Deportivo Fariones is a training paradise, just as it is for those disabled children. However, they need something that’s going to make their lives a lot easier, something you and me never think about. We go to the pool, we just jump in, do our session and when we finish, we pull ourselves up at the side to get out of the pool, or we climb up the pool ladder. They can’t… They need to be carried from their wheelchair into the pool and vice versa.
They need a pool hoist, and I’m going to get it for them!

There’s nothing that motivates me more to do my Ironman this year. I see these kids always working hard and improving themselves, just like I do. I may complain when something doesn’t go well, but when I look at them, I realize I’m not always the one to complain. So I’m going to show my best and make it an unforgettable day. I can’t wait to see them getting in and out of the pool, without struggling. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So please help me, by supporting me, by cheering me on and by donating generously



Date: 27.10.2020
Time: 10:30 
Location: Centrto Deportivo Los Fariones & Playa Grande, Lanzarote

FREE SOCIAL RUN (Voluntary Donation)

Date: More Information Soon
Location: Lanzarote

FREE POOL SESSION (Voluntary Donation)

Swim Lab International

Date: More Information Soon
Location: Centro Deportivo Los Fariones